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  • 我们的使命

    The mission of the College’s 访问/股票/多样性 Office is to promote opportunities 而且 进步 for a diverse 充满活力的学生, 教员/员工, 而且 社区 population through creating 而且 sustaining a positive, 富有同情心、反思和包容的文化.


    获取公平 & 多样性的办公室 在正规博彩十大网站提供指导和 leadership to the College in the development of a welcoming 而且 diverse 社区 of students, 教职员及职员.

    The office is responsible for providing oversight 而且 support in complying with many of the federal 而且 state 法规要求.

    The resources of the office also are directed to working with not only the campus 社区, 但更大的 社区, to go beyond the minimum legal requirement to make 正规博彩十大网站 a place where each 个人对社会做出贡献的愿望, 尊严, 个人成长的渴望, 成就是值得尊重的.


    We are experiencing challenging 而且 emotional times related to the critical issues of 公平, 平等的权利, 而且 地方和国家的不公正. 正规博彩十大网站 is committed to the importance 而且 value of transformational change necessary to promote equality, 公平, 而且 civility. 这是我们生活的重要组成部分 使命、战略目标和对学生的保证.

    SCC serves a diverse student population that includes recent high school graduates, 返回的成年人, 第一代学生, 移民和难民, 有色人种, 来自低收入家庭的学生, 还有很多其他的 服务不足或被边缘化的人群. The College is committed to creating the highest quality learning 给学生的经验. An essential component of this experience is an environment that cherishes 而且 promotes the free exchange of ideas 而且 views with compassion, respect, 而且 reflective thinking. 我们努力 传授强大的知识基础和技能, 以及充满活力和有效的生活技能,拥抱 包容、公平和多样性.

    I want to reassure all students that we are committed to your physical, 心理, 和知识 幸福. If you observe or experience situations that need our attention, please reach out to an SCC 员工. If you have concerns or questions related to the recent social unrest, or any other events in your 生活方面,请与你所在地的教务长联系. 作为一名SCC学生,您还可以获得免费的和 confidential counseling through our 咨询 而且 学生资助计划(CAPS). 你可以访问这些 服务: http://www.东南.edu/caps/

    感谢您选择SCC, 我感谢你们为我们的包容氛围所做的贡献, 公平, 和股票.



    获取公平 & 多样性的办公室 oversees the College's Diversity 教育 Program

    The program has been developed to enhance our knowledge, skills,而且 abilities in a number of areas:

    • 了解SCC多元化的挑战
    • Preparing ourselves 而且 our students to be part a multicultural society.
    • Acknowledging 而且 eliminating racism, prejudice, 而且 other discriminatory behaviors.
    • Recognizing the benefits of diversity in the workplace 而且 student population.
    • 充分利用人们不同的天赋和能力.
    • Creating 而且 maintaining a welcoming 而且 inclusive environment in which to work 而且 learn.
    • 学习“思考、存在和做事”的其他方式."

    The College recognizes that diversity is key to educational excellence in the 21st century. 我们的承诺 diversity has had a positive impact on the retention of individuals from underrepresented groups 而且 has contributed 让员工满意.

    学生多元化教育, staff 而且 faculty has also led to improved relationships on the campuses 而且 提高机构内的满意度和参与度. 此外,个人有机会 grow personally 而且 in their underst而且ing 而且 appreciation for others who are of a different race, color, 性别, 伦理出身,性取向或身体能力.

    To learn more about some of our diversity education opportunities, see the materials located at the 活动 & 项目页面.

    平等机会/ Non-Discrimination-Admission

    It is the policy of 正规博彩十大网站 to provide 平等的机会 而且 non-discrimination in admission 而且 所有合格人员出勤, 正在或正在申请进入该学院, 不考虑种族, color, 种族,宗教,性别*、年龄、婚姻状况、国籍、 退伍军人身份,性取向,残疾,或者 法律禁止的其他因素. This policy applies to every aspect of recruitment, admission, attendance, 进步, 金融援助, 而且 other terms 而且 conditions of participation in all College-administered 计划和活动.

    The College 而且 its 员工s shall take no action which is inconsistent with state or federal anti-discrimination laws governing any aspect of admission to, or participation in, College programs or activities.


    It is the policy of 正规博彩十大网站 to provide 平等的机会 而且 nondiscrimination in all admission, attendance, 而且 employment matters to all persons 不考虑种族, color, religion, sex*,年龄,婚姻状况, 国家的起源, 种族, 退伍军人身份,性取向,残疾,或者 法律禁止的其他因素 or 大学政策. Inquiries concerning the application of 正规博彩十大网站's policies on 平等的机会 而且 nondiscrimination should be directed to the 负责获取/公平/多样性的副总裁.

    Declaración de política sobre equidad/antidiscriminación - La política publica de 正规博彩十大网站 es de 证明equidad, Y prohíbe discriminación, En todos asuntos指的是la admisión, participacion, 你是反雇的 这是一个充满激情的人, color, 宗教, sexo, 更高, 邻近的公民, 奥利金(, etnia, 身体德 veterano, orientacion性, incapacidad, u otros因素禁止por ley o política del Colegio. Preguntas relacionadas a la política sobre equidad/antidiscriminación de 正规博彩十大网站 deben dirigirse a: Vice 访问/公平/多样性主席.

    平等机会/ Non-Discrimination-Employment

    It is the policy of 正规博彩十大网站 to provide 平等的机会 而且 non-discrimination in employment 而且 为所有合格人员提供晋升机会, 受雇于或寻求受雇于该学院, 不考虑种族, 肤色,种族,宗教,性别*、年龄、婚姻状况、国籍、 老兵身份,性取向, 残疾或其他法律禁止的因素. 这一政策适用于招聘、就业、 进步, 转移, 降级, reduction-in-force, 终止, 工资或其他报酬的比率, 培训 机会,以及其他雇佣条款和条件.

    The College 而且 its 员工s shall take no action which is inconsistent with state or federal equal opportunity/anti-discrimination laws governing any aspect of employment 而且 employer-员工 relations.


    1972年教育修正案第九条[http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/cor/coord/titleix.php]保护个人免受 discrimination based on sex in any educational program or activity operated by recipients of federal financial 援助. 性骚扰, 包括性暴力行为吗, 性别歧视是被禁止的吗 第九条.

    正规博彩十大网站 is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination based on sex 而且 提供一些资源和服务来帮助学生, 教职员处理涉及性的问题 歧视,包括性暴力.

    The 访问/股票/多样性 Office has been designated as SCC’s 第九条 coordinating office.



    *美国.S. 教育部民权办公室 enforces 第九条's prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex to also include discrimination based on 性别认同.